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Seattle Community Council Delegates 2012-2014


1. Fred Lauth

To the Tlingit and Haida voters: My name is Fred Lauth. I would appreciate your vote to the Tlingit and Haida Central Council as a delegate because I have served for the last several years and would like to continue serving our people in the Tlingit and Haidal Tribal Assembly. I have served on the Cultural Heritage Committee and several other committees and feel that the Seattle Tlingit and Haida communityʼs needs are great and should be addressed. In these times of National monetary distress I feel we need to keep working together to find and procure more Federal and State monies to help the people both in Alaska and those who are in dire need outside the State of Alaska. Háwʼaa, Gunalchéesh, Fred Lauth


2. Jim Price

I have been a delegate for many years and I would like to continue as a your delegate. If I'm elected as a delegate, I would like to be reappointed to the Education Committee. I am honored to have served as your delegate to the Central Council. Thank you very much for your past support. Once again I ask for your vote and I thank you again. Jim Price


3. LaVerne Cook Wise

My name is LaVerne Cook Wise, S’eiltin, from Sitka (Diesheetaan Raven/ Beaver). My mother was Flora Jacobs-Cook, a teacher in Sitka Public Schools, and my father was Donald A. Cook (Chookaneidí) a commercial fisherman. It has been my honor to serve you as an Executive Committee member for the past 10 years. We have brought the Seattle Community a taste of our culture through the Culture Fairs, education by providing scholarships, our history through our Elizabeth Peratrovich Day event and fun and games at our annual picnic. For the Holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, we extended a hand to those in need. I believe that our children’s view of our Tribe and community depends on how we present, preserve and cherish it. I would appreciate your vote to re-elect me to the Seattle Community Tlingit & Haida delegation so I may continue this work. Thank you, Gunalchéelsh, Háw’aa.


4. Joyce Alexander

“S’gaan Tuuii” (Friend of the Killerwhale). I am Haida from the Yaakuulaanas clan. Family is my life. My culture is my family and life. As a delegate I would be honored as a representative to cast my vote at Tribal Assembly for the betterment of our people and I appreciate your vote. Háw’aa – Gunalchéesh!


5. Bear Alexander

I would be proud to be a delegate for Tlingit and Haida Seattle Community Council. It has been my honor to serve as tribal delegate for the last three terms. I enjoy working and helping to plan our various events for the Seattle Community. I am active on all the community council committees. My commitment is to the continued growth of our community and I look forward to serving this next term. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1667771231&ref=tn_tnmn Thank You, Háw’aa, Gunalchéesh


6. Janet Peele

Dade-Xoaagh, Eagle/Wolf. I’ve been an active member in the Washington Chapter for over 30 years. I’ve served as a Central Council delegate and Election Chairperson, officer and working member of the Culture Fair and Elizabeth Peratrovich Day committees. I want to pass the love of our culture to my grandchildren. I belong to the Haandei I Jin and Haida Laas dance groups and danced with Leen git Kusti. I am a founding member of the Haida Heritage Foundation. I have learned how to make our regalia, cedar hats and beading. I believe you must participate if you believe in something. If you do not participate, you relinquish your right to complain. We all need to vote in all matters. Our grandparents fought for our right to do this; we should honor them by exercising that right. Vote for me and I will continue to serve you in these capacities. http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.1391535669254.2055363.1258000980


7. Marian Lauth

My name is Marian Lauth. I would appreciate your vote to the Tlingit and Haida Central Council as a delegate because I have served for the last several years and would like to continue serving our people in the Tlingit and Haida Tribal Assembly. I have served on the Elections committee and several other committees and feel that the Seattle Tlingit and Haida community’s needs are great. I will work to bring back some of the cultural services that are lacking in our community. Háw’aa, Gunalchéesh


8. Jania Garcia

2013 will be the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Washington Chapter. Serving on the Executive Board and various committees, helping at events, working hard with many of you while having fun continues to be a pleasure. I’ve served as Corresponding Secretary and chaired the Communication Committee; we were able to get the T&HWA website up, establish a Facebook page and introduce a conference call option for meetings. I co-chair the planning committee for the Subsistence Workshop (March 17, 10am-3pm at the Duwamish Longhouse) whose goals include educating ourselves on the issues and identifying ways to support the efforts of Alaskan tribal citizens. I serve on the Central Council’s Audit Committee and ask for your vote to continue representing the interests and needs of Siyáadlan Kwáan at the Tribal Assembly. My Haida name is T'at kyanan. I am Yaakwlaanaas. My parents are Adeline and Jerry Garcia.


9. Rene Tillman (Schdeidoo)

I am running for a delegate position on the T&H Central Council. For 15 years I’ve actively participated in our Seattle Chapter’s programs and activities including ten years on the Newsletter Committee, chairing/cochairing and planning six biennial Culture Fairs, Holiday Baskets, Elizabeth Peratrovich Day celebration, Scholarship and Annual Financial Assessment Committees. Currently I serve on the Executive Board as a Trustee and am Co-chair on History/Archives where we are trying to record the history of our Seattle chapter. My Central Council Assembly activities have included three terms on the Election and Education Committees. Over the years I have participated as a dancer/drummer/singer in three local dance groups: Kustee- yi, Haida Heritage and Haida Laas. It has been a privilege to participate with these groups. I ask for your continued support to represent our urban community and our needs and interests. Gunalchéesh/Háw’aa.


10. Pamela Stearns (Dalton)

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1106077909&ref=tn_tnmn#!/profile.php?id=1106077909&sk=photos My name is Tlingsei, Woosh Kee Taan, Shark Eagle/Wolf Fort House. I’m the daughter of Thomas Dalton of Seattle and Hazel McKinley Hope of Hoonah. I’m teaching my children about our proud traditions by speaking out for the rights of our people and performing as a member of the Kuyteeya Dancers. I will work to make sure that Tlingit and Haida continues to reflect the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors. I believe that Tlingit and Haida’s top priorities should center around self-determination, sovereignty, and accountability to our members. Chair of T&H WA Chapter Civil Rights Committee, Police Accountability Task Force Co-Chair and Board Member of the Minority Executive Directors Coalition, Member of Seattle Public Schools Equity & Race Advisory Council, Board Member Chief Seattle Club, President, Seattle’s Native American Employees Association, Personnel Specialist, Seattle Public Utilities. I will work diligently to earn and keep your trust and support.


11. Lowell Halverson

Heen le' sa, Eagle/Killer Whale. My grandmother, Annie Johnson, was born in the Snail House in Hoonah. My father, Sidney Halverson, was born in Craig. Our family was in the fish business for three generations. I’m a lawyer, licensed to practice in Alaska and Washington State and NY. I graduated from Harvard College (1964) and the UW School of Law (1968) and was elected State Bar President in 1990-1. I’ve been a member of the Seattle Community Council since 1965 and a delegate since 1970. I chaired the tribe's Judiciary Committee for fifteen years, helped establish our tribal Court, am a judge pro tem. and currently serve as 6th vice-president. If reelected, I intend to continue our crusade to claw back from the State of Alaska those sovereign rights of Alaska Natives that were never ceded. Please attend the Subsistence Workshop on March 17 and learn more.


12. Jack Strong

My Friends, I’m again running for a position as delegate on behalf of Tlingit & Haida Central Council, Washington Chapter. My prior involvement as delegate had me involved with real productive delegates. Together we accomplished some challenging projects. History will point out that our accomplishments did a lot to bring our “Cultural Community” together in a good way. My absence as delegate was due to health problems. Low energy levels would not allow my participation in a productive manner. My health is back, and I feel that our “Cultural Journey” has just begun. I love the participation. Your vote for me as delegate will allow me to participate in planning Tlingit and Haida events. You too can be a part of Tlingit and Haida’s future success. When you vote, vote for proven and ambitious nominees. Be there, and make it happen. Love You All, Jack Strong


13. Cindy Williams Pederson

My name is Cindy Williams Pederson and I would love to continue serving as your Tlingit and Haida delegate. I am a Haida and related to the Nix family from Hydaburg Alaska. I have been proud to be a part of the Washington Chapter for the past three terms. I feel that I have great relationships with the entire council and I do my best to enhance our culture throughout the community by the annual events we sponsor. I am committed to the services I provide to tribal members by serving on all committees to plan and volunteer whenever possible. I am proud of my heritage and feel that our culture is special and we should celebrate and honor our ancestors’ way of life. Please vote for me as a Washington Chapter delegate so that I may contribute my time to you and our tribe.


14. Johanna Cabuag

Being a Seattle Community Council delegate is a way to learn the heritage and history of our people, by working together for a common goal for the benefit of all Alaska Natives. Past offices held include Seattle Community Council/Tlingit and Haida Washington Chapter President 3½ terms, Vice President 2½ terms, Trustee; Alaska Natiive Sisterhood President Camp 15 & 36; Bothell American Legion Auxiliary Vice President; American Legion District 11 President and Vice President. I have been a member of Seattle and Saxman Cape Fox Dancers since 1964. In 2004 I received the Elizabeth Peratrovich and Enduring Spirit awards. Currently I am the Washington State American Legion Auxiliary Chaplain.


15. George K Samuel

I would like to be a Tlingit & Haida delegate representing the Seattle delegation because I feel that I can contribute toward the welfare and benefits of our members and their children. We are unable to share in the amenities, health, housing, jobs or welfare that our brothers and sisters have become accustomed to in Alaska but we are still Alaska Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshians. We need to inspire more enthusiasm and togetherness within our community to accomplish all the programs that we will tackle in the future. I believe that I have the fortitude and ability needed to succeed in the tasks that lay ahead for our chapter. I would appreciate you vote and will serve to the best of my ability. Xoots-Jinn-Kaa George K Samuel


16. Karen Elliott (Lauth)

I would be honored to get your support to continue to be a delegate for Tlingit and Haida Washington Chapter. I am Tlingit and Haida of the Raven clan. I was born and raised in Ketchikan and graduated from Roosevelt High School in Seattle. My mother is Marian Peratrovich Lauth (Klawock). My father is Fred Lauth (Hydaburg). I work with Native children and families at United Indians Head Start. I am the President for Seattle Public Schools Title VII Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee. I have four children. All attend the Seattle Public schools. This is one reason why I feel Native Education is important to our future. We should set high expectations for the best quality education for our children. My biggest concern, as a community member and a Native mother, is dropout prevention. My heart is working with my community members. Thank you for your support. Please vote.


17. Sam M. Hanlon Jr.

Your support has allowed me the opportunity to serve on the Financial/Audit Standing Committees and presently on the Audit Standing Committee with the Tlingit and Haida Central Council. Based on my experience and involvement, I again ask for your support. Thank you.

18. Connie Simpson

I would like to be elected to serve as a delegate from Seattle. My interest in being a part of the Tribal Assembly has been lifelong, since I have spent most of my working life in areas that serve the Alaska Native population. Because of my past experience and involvement, I feel I can contribute. Delegates have in-put into position papers and resolutions by serving on committees. I have in the past chaired several committees including Education and Economic Development. I am now in the “elder” category and hope that I can continue to be involved. My interest is in preserving the rights of all of us Native people.

19. Catherine Edwards

Through my work and community involvement/activities I have developed a strong commitment to serving the needs of Tribal families and youth. I have over 20 years of experience with Central Council serving in such capacities as: 477 Case Manager Supervisor/TANF Program Manager, TFYS Family Case Worker/ICWA, Employment /Career Counselor/Instructor and Manager, Business and Economic Development. I have worked with Tlingit and Haida Youth as a Dance Teacher/Assistant Group Leader, the Miss Tlingit & Haida Pageant both as coordinator and coach and as a parent of three children who have been involved in cultural activities. I believe the Tribe can be successful; we need to create opportunities to achieve success in an increasingly competitive arena. I am dedicated, hardworking and passionately believe in our ability to succeed. I believe that all my experience will serve me well as a delegate.
Catherine N. Edwards Raven, Dog Salmon


20. Daphyne Albee

I want to be a delegate because I would like to continue the progress of the educational scholarship program supporting higher education. I will work to protect our culture and encourage the teachings to all generations and to do my part to help our people move forward while keeping our traditions intact.


21. Arlene Dilts Jackson

I am running for the Community Council because I believe my 20+ years of experience will be helpful in effectively representing the Tribe’s urban citizens including:

      • 12 years of successful ownership of a professional services business with public, private and tribal clients. I currently work with the Central Council.
      • 13 years of broad tribal and nonprofit experience including executive responsibility for a regional nonprofit providing health and socioeconomic services, and 10 years with the Central Council.
      • Comprehensive community and regional planning experience including collaborative efforts with public and private partners.
      • 12 years of high level Alaska Native corporate authority.
      • 15 years in the natural resource arena.
      • Specialized experience and education in federal contracting 8(a) arena. Consequently, I am familiar with programs and requirements, which will help in the development of programs and services that meet the needs of the Seattle tribal citizens, who have been forgotten.


22. Judith Thomas-Logan

During the time I have been a member and past delegate representing Tlingit Haida Washington Chapter: our organization has faced many challenges and has met them. I have been a strong supporter of the Judiciary Committee in the past and will continue so; therefore, I wish to continue working towards a professional standards of our organization as well for the good of others. Respectfully yours, Mrs. Judith Thomas-Logan


23. Aurora Lehr

My involvement in our tribal government now includes experience in each branch, serving as Tribal Court Judge since 2011, Executive Council Youth Representative 2006-07, and Seattle Community Council Delegate since 2008. I ask for your support in my campaign for Delegate for two reasons. First, having been born and raised in the Seattle area, I take seriously the charge of representing to our tribal government the unique needs of our non-Alaska based tribal citizens. Second, I have gained valuable experience working in Alaska, at the Alaska Federation of Natives, advocating for the rights of all Alaska Natives – those living in Alaska and elsewhere. Please show your support by voting for me as Delegate so I may continue to advocate for all Tlingit & Haida tribal citizens, especially those living outside of Alaska.


24. Tate London

I am interested in serving as a delegate at the Tribal Assembly for the Washington/Seattle Chapter. I am a Tlingit and was born and raised in Ketchikan. My family is originally from Angoon. I am a Raven, member of the Dog Salmon clan. I have been an active member of our Chapter for years, and have greatly appreciated the opportunity to serve as the master of ceremonies for the past two Culture Fairs. The Chapter has an impressive history of leadership and service to its tribal members. Although I have attended several Tribal Assemblies over the years, I have not previously served as a Chapter delegate. I believe that my experiences and service to our tribal member shareholders of Sealaska Corporation would be a benefit to the Chapter and our delegation. I appreciate being nominated as a delegate and having the opportunity to serve as a delegate. Gunalchéesh.


25. Jessica Dominy

My name is Jessica Dominy. My Tlingit name is Keinteen. I am Diesheetaan Raven/Beaver, my mother is LaVerne Cook Wise. My grandmother was Flora Jacobs Cook and my grandfather was Donald A. Cook, Chookaneidí. To serve you as an Executive Committee member for the past 6 years has been an honor. It was through learned leadership within Tlingit & Haida that I found the strength to go back for my degree in Anthropology. I will be graduating from Washington State University Spring 2013. I believe if we want to preserve what has gone before us, we need to foster a passion for service with our youth, for it is they who will lead us on and help us grow stronger as a people. I would appreciate your vote to re-elect me to the Seattle Community Council Tlingit & Haida delegation so I may continue this work. Gunalchéesh/Háw'aa Jessica Dominy


26. Cecilia Tavoliero

My name is Cecilia Tavoliero. I was born in Kake and went to school in Petersburg, Alaska. I am a Tlingit Raven. I have been living here in the Seattle area for two years and working in our electrical contracting business, Red Cedar Electrical Construction, LLC. I am an experienced delegate of Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska having served as a delegate from Anchorage. On the local level, I am serving as chair of the Social Committee. I am enjoying the activities we do with tribal citizens in this area and getting to know many who live here. My experience as an Alaska Native Sisterhood Grand Officer & Executive Committee member has taught me that serving is very important to me and my community. I would like to continue serving our community in the capacity of delegate and I humbly ask for your vote.


27. Carolyn S. Heersema

My Name is Carolyn S. Heersema. I am full blooded Tlingit from the village of Saxman, Alaska. I am a Cape Fox shareholder, a Sealaska shareholder and an Alaska Native Sisterhood member. I dance with the Seattle Cape Fox Dance group. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys bead work and making regalia. I teach our cultural songs and dances to our future generations. I feel it is important to keep our culture for it is their foundation for life. If we teach them and influence just a small proportion, we are being heard. We are the teachers of our culture to the future delegates of Tlingit and Haida. I am compassionate, hardworking, loyal, respectful, I will serve to the best of my ability and contribute to development of Tlingit & Haida Washington Chapter. Carolyn S. Heersema Seattlecapefox@comcast.net


28. Bertha Franulovich

I am running for Tlingit and Haida Central Council Delegate because I am interested in the social, health and welfare of all Alaska Natives living in the lower 48 and in Alaska. I continue to be involved and would appreciate your vote.


29. Cher Ketah (Jocelyn Cher Ketah)

I am an enrolled Tlingit and my father’s family is from the village of Klawock, Alaska. I have been a part of the Seattle Alaskan Native and the American Indian communities my entire life. As a child, now as an adult, I have attended and volunteered at Seattle Tlingit and Haida Council events, as well as Sealaska Corporation, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (UIAT), multiple Title VII Indian Education Programs, American Indian Women Services League, Native Action Network and other inter-tribal organization events. I have worked at the UIAT as a Kindergarten teacher, Head Start teacher for over six years, then worked in the private sector as a Head Start teacher and recently returned to work to United Indians. I would like to be a delegate of the Seattle Chapter of Tlingit & Haida to service our people in the Puget Sound area.

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A motion adopted at the 10/02/2003 Regular Meeting requires that the attendance records of all officers and delegates be published in the T&H WA Newsletter. At the end of 2010, after ten years of publishing a printed edition, the decision was made to transition to an online website. The Recording Secretary's Attendance Report is below.